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ATA - SAE Torino CO2 reduction for Transportation Systems
29 Giugno 2016, 01 Luglio 2016

ATA - Associazione Tecnica dell’Automobile and SAE International  Torino Group are pleased to announce the 1st edition of the CO2 reduction for Transportation Systems Conference, to be held in Turin on 29th and 30th June 2016.

he conference addresses to all players in this field, including vehicle manufacturers, suppliers of components and systems, public entities, decision makers, engineers and scientists.
This event will provide an excellent platform for information exchange on an International level.

The speakers panel include National and International Public Entities representatives as well as car manufacturers and leader suppliers so to enable a deep discussion on the EU Regulation on CO2 form 2020 and beyond and most suitable technology approach.

The Programme divided into the following main theme areas:

  • Regulation overview
  • Aerodynamics and drag forces reduction
  • Powertrain improvement and electrification
  • Energy recovery and thermal management

The conference includes round table and get together event to allow direct discussion with panelist

Scientific Committee
BELINGARDI Giovanni       Politecnico di Torino
CANTORE Giuseppe           UniversitĂ  di Modena
CARABELLI Stefano           Politecnico di Torino
CARELLO Massimiliana       Politecnico di Torino
DI GIUSTO Nevio              ATA
GERINI Andrea                 Centro Ricerche Fiat
MALVICINO CarloAndrea   Centro Ricerche Fiat
MASTINU Giampiero         Politecnico di Milano
MILLO Federico                Politecnico di Torino
OROFINO Luigi                 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
VAGLIECO Bianca             CNR – Istituto Motor

Organizing Committee
BIANCHI Marzio               SAE Torino
DAL POZ Alberto              SAE Torino
GALLIANO Federico          GME Powertrain
MANTOVANI  Patrizia        ATA
MORRIS Paola                 Public & Private Consultant
MOSCA Francesco            AMMA TORINO
RIGHES Giuseppe           ATA

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Luogo della conferenza: 
Politecnico di Torino
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24
Torino, TO