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European Conference - THERMAL SYSTEMS AND AERODYNAMIC SOLUTIONS FOR GROUND VEHICLES - Trends and challenges for new levels of Comfort and Energy Efficiency
17 June 2015, 19 June 2015

The emerging regulations and the growing public awareness about fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are driving manufacturers to face novel challenges, in order to find a good compromise between the need to reduce aerodynamic drag and at the same time ensure a high level of thermal comfort and thermal safety in all driving conditions, respecting all the other requirements, such as pedestrian and collision safety, roominess, engine performance.

In this context, ATA-Associazione Tecnica dell’Automobile and Centro Ricerche Fiat decided to merge the “Mobile Air Conditioning and Vehicle Thermal Systems” workshop with the “Aerodynamic and Thermal Solutions for Ground Vehicles” conference and are delighted to announce the first edition of the “European Conference on Thermal Systems and Aerodynamic Solutions for Ground Vehicles”, that will take place in Torino (Italy), next June 2015.

This event offers the opportunity to exchange information and ideas  on an International level and allows to discuss the status and potential of the future trends of vehicle thermal systems and aerodynamics. A visit to the updated FCA aerodynamic wind tunnel will also be arranged, in the frame of the conference.

The conference addresses all players in both fields, including car makers, suppliers of components and systems, public entities, research centres, engineers and scientists.

The technical programme includes the following main topics:

•  External Aerodynamics and Active Aerodynamic Systems
•  Under-hood Flows and Thermal Protection
•  Air Conditioning and Thermal Management in ICE and H/BEVs
•  Vehicle Thermal Management and Energy Efficiency Improvement
•  Aeroacoustics in Internal or External Flows
•  Heat Recovery and Re-Use
•  Thermal Storage for engine warm-up or cabin comfort
•  Virtual optimization and validation, 1D and 3Dmodeling
•  Aerodynamic and Climatic Wind Tunnel Techniques and Road Correlation.

                                   The Conference is chaired by:
                              Daniela Magnetto and Mauro Casella     
                                        (Centro Ricerche Fiat)

Conference enquiries

For technical– scientific information:
Mauro Casella (Centro Ricerche Fiat)
mauro.casella@crf.it  Phone+39.011.9083565

Daniela Magnetto(Centro Ricerche Fiat)
daniela.magnetto@crf.it  Phone+39.011.9083011

For organisational information:
Patrizia Mantovani (ATA)
Giuseppe Righes (ATA)
giuseppe.righes@ata.it     Phone: +39.011.9083559

Conference location: 
Mirafiori Motorvillage, Sala Agorà
Piazza Cattaneo 9
Torino, TO