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ATA today

ATA's Goals

  • to improve technical know-how in the automotive sector
  • to highlight innovative development, encouraging collaboration among research institutions, academies and industry
  • to increase the transfer of technological know-how from vehicle manufacturers to small and medium size industries
  • to encourage the training of students in related disciplines
  • to co-operate with the Members Societies of other countries

Main Activities

  • the review "ATA - Ingegneria dell'Autoveicolo" which publishes technical and scientific articles from the academic and industrial areas
  • Conferences, national and international, dedicated to scientific themes in the automotive field, organised to also provide a forum for debate regarding the current state-of-the-art and future trends and providing an opportunity for exchange among industry, universities and research centers from different countries
  • ATA University Programme, underway since the 1986/'87 academic year, which sees the involvement of approx. 4000 students per annum. The scope is to promote various initiatives aimed at providing students in Science and Engineering disciplines with opportunities for training and encourage the interaction between the academic world and industry through meetings with industry and union leaders and guided visits of industrial sites and research centers, in addition to offering scholarships and prizes for degree theses and work placements for recent graduates
  • the library "Attilio Garro" which contains, as well as the review "ATA - Ingegneria dell'Autoveicolo" collection, in excess of 3000 theses conducted within the context of the ATA University programme


On an international scale, co-operates with:

  • SAE, the US Society of Automotive Engineers
  • JSAE, the Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers

On a national scale, co-operates with:

  • CNR (National Research Council)
  • ENEA (National Committee for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment)
  • Universities, especially faculties of engineering
  • ANFIA (National Association of Automobile Industries)
  • CUNA (National Unification Commission for the Automobile)
  • UNI (Italian National Unification Body)
  • several technical-Scientific Societies